_environmental and social values

_certified b corporation™

We are very proud to announce that FW Apparel is officially B Corp certified, joining a global movement of companies on a mission to use business as a force for good; and meeting high standards for social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

_our impact score

In order to achieve B Corp certification, we took part in a thorough third-party review of our operations: ‘The B Impact Assessment.’ Our social and environmental performance was analyzed at every level of the business to produce an overall score. The minimum score to become certified is 80 points, with FW achieving 93.5 points. This assessment marks an important step on our mission to constantly improve our business and increase our certification score in the future.

_corporate governance

We are part of an emerging economy that puts people and the planet first, which is why our shareholders voted to amend the fundamental legal framework that our business is based on. We want all of our decisions to be led by how we can create value equally for all stakeholders, including customers, workers, suppliers, instead of just being led by profits.

_force for good

_durable materials

We believe quality is sustainability. We source premium materials only. We prefer to use recycled and recyclable fabrics and materials that prove to be durable and functional, to increase our garments’ lifespans while reducing environmental impact. For example, we work with Re: Down, who supply sustainably sourced, 100% recycled down into our mid-winter puff layers.
Moreover, many of the materials we use in our products are Oeko-Tex® or Bluesign® approved. Oeko-Tex® and Bluesign® allow consumers and companies to make responsible choices by providing independent verification of textiles' sustainable manufacturing processes.

_local sourcing

We pride ourselves on sourcing quality, durable and recycled materials local to where our factories produce our products, reducing the carbon cost of transporting goods across great distances.

_timeless products

We design our products to last for decades, using strong and sustainable materials, and timeless colors to avoid the coming-and-going of trends. To ensure that our products last for as long as possible, we are proud to offer a robust, global clothing repair service.

_repair program

If your well-loved FW gear is in need of mending, we can repair your product. We always aim to repair rather than replace, to ensure a long and healthy lifecycle for your favorite FW garment. Our expert team is highly adept at repairing clothing. In the rare event that we cannot mend a garment, we will repurpose the product for spare parts.

_our footprint

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so we calculate our carbon footprint annually to make informed decisions on how to reduce our emissions year on year. Where it’s impossible to reduce, we offset using high quality carbon offsets, investing in renewable energy production. Our climate journey is just beginning, with a goal to offset all of our direct and indirect emissions, ultimately becoming net zero. Our environmental improvement plan focuses on all areas of pollution, from phasing out PFA’s to switching to less water-intensive dying processes.

_benefit for all

_our team

We have a passionate, talented team and their health is one of our top priorities. We encourage snowboarding, split-boarding, skiing and ski-touring from our offices located within striking distance of the mountains in the Alps and Rockies. We’re proud to provide a generous benefits package to encourage a healthy work-life balance.

_1% for the planet

We are committed to supporting the future of the outdoor world. Since day 1, before selling our first garment, we committed to partner with 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of all sales to organizations, individuals and events that are focused on bringing about a positive impact on the environment—to help keep our Future Wild.

_quality suppliers

Our suppliers are subject to regular quality assurance audits and are screened for high standards of environmental and social compliance. We work with high-quality suppliers only, to provide the best quality products for you, and to ensure the well-being of our suppliers’ team members.

_a note from our global head of supply chain and esg

“Our view on sustainability is an open ended conversation, we are constantly searching to improve our processes, refine our materials and reduce our impact,” says Sara Asmoarp, FW’s Global Head of Supply Chain and ESG. “The journey to become B Corp™ Certified has involved everyone on our team, across all business functions. The B Impact Assessment has helped us to understand our greatest strengths as well as areas where we will focus on continued improvement. We are very proud to join the B Corp™ community among other pioneering businesses and we will continue to improve and work for a more sustainable future.”


Surrounded by the towering mountains and crystal waters of the French Alps, we share a commitment to creating a sustainable future.