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Sam Sandiford

September 08 2022

_q&a with Maca Valle

Blonde girl smiling wearing a beige cap backwards

We are excited to welcome Maca Valle as the latest rider to join the FW team. We caught up with Maca to learn more about her background and what snowboarding means to her.

Maca, welcome to the FW team! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

So stoked to be part of the team. I grew up in Patagonia, Argentina, and I’m half Italian as well. I’ve lived most of my twenties in Switzerland and I love mountains, ocean arts and sports.

Tell us a bit about how you started snowboarding. How did you first get into it?

I’m from a little village in the Andes mountains which has a small ski resort called Chapelco; that’s where I started riding.

girl snowboarding down a ski run

What has snowboarding become for you today?

Snowboarding is not only my passion but also my way of flying, literally, through the mountains and around things and places in the world. It is how I see life, trying to not take it too seriously and to live this human experience having as much fun as possible.

Where is home?

Well, this one is a hard question. I’ve been living with my boyfriend in Rome for the last year or so, but during winter I always head back to Laax, my home away from home.

You live your life in balance between the city and the mountains, can you tell us a bit about that?

I like living this way. I find it really interesting the complexity and options the city can offer, whilst not forgetting the peace and time you can enjoy in the mountains. I’ve been trying to take the best of both worlds.

Blonde girl wearing orange beanie and black jacket looking out a window

YWhen you're in the city, what does your life look like?

It feels like I’m a different version of myself, a little more serious in managing my time and getting as many cultural inputs from society as I can. I like being able to switch between the different versions of myself.

And how about in the mountains?

Mountains are and will always be home, so little rascal Maca arrives ready to explore and send it in different aspects, of course most of it while snowboarding, and sometimes hiking.

Blonde girl with orange beanie and ski goggles on a chairlift

Where’s your favorite place to ride?

Laax, Switzerland with the homies.

Last winter you spent some time with the FW team in Disentis, can you tell us a bit about that?

Yes! I got a last-minute message from Sevi while I was spending some time in Rome organizing some stuff. I got super hooked on the opportunity and tried to make it happen as fast as possible, hopped on a train and a bus and couple of hours later I was in Disentis. It felt so good to flow with friends that are so artistically talented on a snowboarding shoot. Everything went easily and we would get so involved in the decision making of what we would be most pumped on and comfortable doing, I loved the vibe! So lucky I got this opportunity, and we could make it happen.

group of snowboarders overlooking mountain valleya

Are there any principles or mantras that serve as guideposts for you day-to-day?

Follow your bliss and intuition, then everything else falls into place.

Lastly, and most importantly, what’s your favorite meal in the mountains?

I’m a food lover, so this is a hard one. Super down on a great schnitzel with fries or anything with cheese.

girl snowboarder walking towards the camera
Blonde girl smiling wearing a beige cap backwards

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